Sunday, 6 February 2011

What is Raw Food Diet?

What is a Raw Food Diet and what are Raw Foods?

A Raw Food Diet is a diet which consists of minimum of 75% raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, sprouted legumes and grains, seeds and nuts, seaweed, dehydrated raw dishes, and in some instances - raw meat, fish, dairy and eggs (jerky meat, smoked fish - are also in this category as long as they were not heated above 40-46 C / 104-115 F).

The Raw Food Diet is far from boring. There are tons of books on this subject and books with raw food recipes. Just search Amazon for 'Raw Food' and you will see. Anything from making luxury salads to dehydrated raw dishes (especially if you are into creative cooking), will be enough to impress your family and visitng friends.

Why so many people try the Raw Food Diet? Because with this diet you can heal pretty much any disease/disorder, lose a significant amount of weight (whilst eating tons of food!!!), detox your whole body, make your skin free from blemishes and achne, make yourself look younger than your peers and live longer than them too. 

If you are interested in reading a bit more about the Raw Food Diet, have a look at this website (absolutely free information) -

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