Thursday, 17 February 2011

Is EFT effective?

The first time I've heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was at the workshop where several presenters were discussing different techniques on relaxation, healthier and less stressful living, and so on.
Then I thought to myself 'yeah, yeah, another trick to get people's money'.

About a year later after the event, I came across a free video on youtube 'Introduction to EFT'.
I decided to give it a try and reduce my 'road rage' feelings that I experienced daily while commuting.

My 'road rage' was pretty bad, I could shout and swear in my car (with closed windows though) at the other drivers who drove slower than me (doing 45 miles/hour on a 60 miles/hour strip).

I did that exercise and straight away I felt much calmer about drivers in general :)
I went out then and drove to see my friend who lived about 40 minutes away from my home.

And I was amazed!

The exercise worked! I did not feel any angry feelings or even any tiny bit of frustration on the road that day.
Of course there were some drivers who were slower than me, but I felt as if I'm a Budda or somebody very-very tolerant and patient. I was absolutely calm and enjoyed my drive.

One year later since that event, and I still do not experience that road rage as I used to.
Sometimes I might feel a bit more impatient or frustrated than usual but not to that extend as one year ago.

A few days ago, having a really bad cravings for chocolate (where I destroyed half a pack of Thorntons sweets within a few seconds - and that's after I ate buiscuits and chocolate on the top of a full-size dinner), I've decided to try EFT again (this time - for my 'sweet' cravings).

I simply went on youtube and found a similar video. Actually I used a video for a sigarette craving which was made by the same guy. (If you are interested, his website is called
Only instead of imagining my craving for a sigarette (which I didn't have), I was imagining a huge chocolate cake dripping with warm melting chocolate.
     Then I was imagining all the sugary snacks that I have: at home, at work, in the shop near my work, in the canteen at work, and so on. You get the idea.

Well, I've done the exercise.

And I could not believe it, and I cannot describe it - how effective it was!

Next day I was sitting at work (in the office) when I realised that ALL my sugar cravings and also any of my SNACK cravings are gone! Absolutely gone!!

You don't realise what an impact I felt.

I always had a really bad sweet tooth! I could not pass by a shelf with buiscuits, chocolate or bakery goodies in the shop, so that my husband had to drag me off of them every time we were in the supermarket together (without him I just didn't have any 'breaks' if you know what I mean).

So I was sitting at work and realised that I do not want to eat at all. A few hours passed and my belly started letting me know that it was empty. I went to the fridge and got some fruits out, which I brought with me to work (for snacking and not for a meal as such).
      I ate enough just to satisfy my hunger. I didn't want anymore.

 In the evening, when I got home, I prepared a couple of tortilla wraps with veggies for me and my husband.
     Again, I ate just enough to satisfy my hunger. And I didn't fancy anything 'fatty', 'salty', 'rich' or 'sweet'.

  I had a little bit of frozen fruitty pudding (just blended frozen fuits that looks like a sorbet), and left the rest for my husband (which normally would not happen).
I simply didn't want to eat anymore and I didn't fancy any snacks whatsoever!

I was so impressed with results, so I decided to do a few more evenings with 10-minutes EFT (that's how long it takes!) and notice how it affects me.

So far, so good. I'm still doing EFT (just to 'affirm it' you know) and I still don't fancy any snacks, treats or anything like that. (In my EFT exercises I tried to imagine ALL sorts of snacks including Ben and Jerry's ice cream. And, yes, it works even for that!).

The only thing, I noticed, is that I started drinking more (herbal) teas and some coffee. I guess herbal teas are not bad, it's just the coffee you have to be careful with. It's very easy to swap one addiction for another.
Or I'll have to do EFT for coffee then... :)

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